Let’s get NAKED!

We’d love to see this beautiful 110+ acres brimming with amazing, empowered, body-positive people! This is a judgment free zone. A place where naked and safe coexist; a place to create community, express yourself and be vulnerable after all, body acceptance is fundamental to self-acceptance!

Surrounded by a body-alienated culture and burdened by centuries of systematic patriarchy, it is a wonder that anyone would even consider, much less risk, social nudity. Those who do, discover a new relationship with their body.

A naturist experience can make a very special contribution specifically to women because it is so very different from the anti-female culture that teaches us to reject our bodies. Wouldn’t you like to simply see, in naked reality, that all bodies are a uniquely beautiful, an original work of natural art?

Some folks are very surprised to find that social nudity actually defuses sexual tension and feels so relaxing. The mutual vulnerability of having nothing to hide somehow balances the power equation between people and universal body acceptance facilitates growth into self-acceptance. Being nude with people also facilitates communications across gender, generational and genetic differences and makes us feel part of some great universal family. Unexpected friendships seem to develop easily and comfortably.

Men who do not respect women as equals or who treat anyone as sexual prey have no place here and are simply excluded from Lupin whenever their unsuitability becomes evident. That such negative screening is so rarely necessary speaks well of the character of most people who are attracted to this magical place.

Join us for a day pass or weekend getaway, in friendship and community for the betterment of humanity.